Concept to Reality

Falmouth State Representative Matt Patrick was the author of key portions of the Green Communities Act of 2008 that provide for innovative approaches to developing renewable energy.  This important legislation empowers a group of individuals and businesses to participate in the benefits of renewable energy.

In 2009, the concept for the Brewster Community Solar Garden® Project was born. The facility site lease was acquired through a process involving a town meeting vote, a request for proposal, and a successful response and negotiation with the Town of Brewster. It was a substantial effort, but the vision became reality February 3rd, 2012 when the switch was thrown on by the utility engineer. Since that day, the project has consistently provided clean generation of energy at levels above expectations. It surpassed the 1 gigawatt-hour milestone ahead of schedule in April 2014 and continues to be one of the state of Massachusetts’ top performing solar projects.

The Brewster Community Solar Garden® Project is positioned to continue its success in the present political, environmental and economic realities of solar in our region. New legislation in Massachusetts has set this model for Community Solar above other forms of solar energy. The Brewster Community Solar Garden project has become an exemplar for others to follow.  As a result of our cooperative approach, proper communication, and long-term vision, this model has flourished and reinforced Brewster’s tradition for leadership and vision—at the very core of the Sea Captains’ Town.

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