Kit Reynolds

As a Brewster resident, I am impressed by the high level of citizen awareness, involvement and commitment to keep this community the best it can be for all who live or visit here.

Whether as volunteers who support our many cultural organizations, as owners and employees in our diverse business community, or as dedicated government officials who work to efficiently manage our resources, Brewster citizens have a long history of community cooperation, striving for a better future and meeting that future with a new vision.

That spirit seems to permeate all of us. No matter what the challenges, Brewster citizens have always shown the resilience and leadership to turn challenges into new opportunities. That is what earned Brewster the name “The Sea Captains’ Town.”

Now this community has a new opportunity that builds on our heritage and rich past. Brewster can be a regional participant and visionary leader in capturing local solar energy. It is clear to me and to many Brewster residents that we are in an unprecedented period when it comes to energy choice. We can choose to invest in solar, keep our wealth local, provide jobs for local workers, move toward energy independence and improve the environment. We can do these all at once.

The State of Massachusetts has made it possible for individuals and businesses to join together and invest in the future. The Brewster Community Solar Garden® Cooperative is just such an opportunity. Whether you are looking for ways to stabilize energy costs, make a prudent purchase, conserve resources, or help improve our environment, the Cooperative offers you that chance.