The Garden

The Brewster Community Solar Garden® Project is a large solar array located in a field adjacent to the Brewster Water Department. In Brewster’s industrial zone, the field is a former sand pit and debris disposal location—a site unsuitable for most other development. The facility is constructed and maintained by My Generation Energy, Inc., also a Brewster-based company and a leader in community solar installations in Massachusetts.

The solar power is “delivered” to the site every day, welcomed by a large array of 1440 highly-efficient and US made Sharp panels. The panels generate electricity which is then conditioned and metered to the utility grid at the site. Through “virtual net metering” the credit from the project’s utility account is then transferred to the accounts of the Brewster Community Solar Garden®Cooperative members. Each member is entitled to the equivalent of 28 panels of energy each month. The facility provides enough locally grown solar energy to power dozens of businesses and households in Brewster. Become a member of the Brewster Community Solar Garden® Cooperative and be a part of the positive change taking place in Brewster.